A Guide to Criminal Lawyers

Who really understands criminal lawyers Collingwood? To be honest, a lot of people don’t really grasp what criminal lawyers are or what they do exactly. For most, they are the last people they turn to when they are in trouble with the law but apart from that, most really aren’t sure what their purpose is. Read on to find a very brief guide of criminal lawyers.

What Is a Criminal Lawyer?

A lawyer who specializes in the criminal law field is quite simply someone who will deal with crimes such as murder, drinking while under the influence (DUI), arson, and theft, as well as many other criminal areas. There are two kinds of criminal lawyer, ones who work for the defense and others who work for the prosecution. Lawyers usually look and review the evidence gathered from the police and investigators and look at creating a strategy for the upcoming case. Collingwood, Ontario lawyers have the same responsibility. Usually, lawyers can work with a variety of people accused of all sorts of crimes.

What’s the Difference between Criminal Defense and Criminal Prosecution Lawyers?

The only real difference between the defense team and the prosecution team is that they work on the opposite sides of one another. It is the job of the defense to put up a strong case to defend a person charged with a crime and they look to ensure a not guilty outcome. Whereas the prosecution team of lawyers are the ones who are looking to present the case against a defendant and they have the job to secure a conviction if they believe someone is guilty of the crime. However, lead prosecutors can have some discretion when it comes to charging a defendant and this can vary depending on the crime. Criminal lawyers Collingwood may also offer deals to defendants in hopes to sparing a lengthy trial.

A Guide to Criminal Lawyers

Understanding the Law

In truth, a prosecutor is a lawyer. A lot of people forget that but they have gone through the same training as a defense criminal lawyer. However, prosecutors usually work for the local government in order to secure convictions. Collingwood, Ontario lawyers (defense) have the duty to help interrogate prosecutor’s witnesses in order to prove their client’s innocence. Both prosecutors and defense criminal attorneys and lawyers have gone through the same training and know the law inside out.

Criminal Law and Justice

There are truly many good criminal defense and prosecuting lawyers in Collingwood and they can absolutely help in many ways. In truth, lawyers (no matter which side of the table they may be) don’t want to see an innocent person behind bars. It’s not justice and most people can’t sleep at night knowing that’s the case. Criminal lawyers do look at the evidence in close detail and prosecutors don’t usually proceed with a case unless the evidence is there to support the facts. While a prosecutor might believe a person is guilty of a crime but unless they have evidence to support it they usually cannot proceed with a case. Criminal lawyers Collingwood can offer real help to those in need.